There are many definitions of quality. But in the end, there is always one important thing: the delivered product or service, i.e. a translation provided by us, must live up to high standards and your expectations, demands and requirements. If they are achieved or even exceeded, we talk about high quality         

In order to guarantee high quality, we take a wide range of measures in all stages of your project. Depending of the type of project, these include:

Before translation

  • Determining what needs to be translated and how it should be performed in consultation with the client
  • Project briefing with the client: purpose, target group, context
  • Acceptance of projects only when a competent, professional and timely execution is guaranteed
  • Inspection and evaluation of the client’s reference material
  • Accurate price calculation and quote generation

During translation

  • Thorough preparation of the texts to be translated (if required)
  • Research on the Internet, in specialised literature and terminology databases
  • Use of CAT tools and dictionaries for consistent and accurate translations
  • Asking relevant questions
  • Use of quality assurance tools to check spelling, punctuation, grammar, numbers, omissions etc.

After translation

  • Reading the complete translation against the source text (and, if applicable, proofreading by a second translator)
  • Thorough post-processing of the translated texts
  • Updating of terminology and translation databases of the client
  • Delivery in the form requested by the client
  • Fast response times with queries of the client
  • Professional complaint management

In addition, we put considerable emphasis on lifelong learning to always remain up-to-date in our areas of specialisation and with the latest technological developments. For this purpose, we are reading specialist books and journals and exchange ideas and opinions with our colleagues. These measures provide us with important background knowledge from which you as our client will directly profit.